Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne

Covering more than 86 acres, these lush gardens are the perfect spot to go for a leisurely stroll and see thousands of different plants.  Established in 1846 by Lieutenant Governor Charles La Trobe, the once swampy site has been transformed over more than 150 years into the beautiful landscape it is today.  One of Melbourne's most popular tourist attractions, the Royal Botanic Gardens features over 50,000 plants.  Year-round events, diverse plant collections and unique tours make these gardens some of the most interesting in the world.

Some of the amazing attractions available for viewing at the Botanic Gardens includes Guilfoyle's Volcano, The Ian Potter Foundation's Children Garden, the Melbourne Observatory, the Aboriginal Heritage Walk, the Working Wetlands innovative water management project and Discovery Walk, where you can find out about the unique history, superb beauty and cultural significance of the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne. Make a day of it and explore the natural beauty that Melbourne has on offer.