Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney

These lovely gardens are located on 30 hectares of land and first opened to the public in 1816.  Enjoy the lush greenery and relax or learn more about the plants and horticulture that make this natural gem of Sydney so unique. A stroll this these picturesque landscapes is particularly beautiful in spring as everything begins to blossom. The Royal Botanic Gardens are the most centrally located of Sydney's three major public botanical gardens. Located on the site of the first farm created on the Australian continent, which was in 1788. 

The Royal Botanic Gardens is home to a Herbarium, various ponds and gardens, many walking trails and a Pyramid Glasshouse. There is a large colony of Grey Headed Flying Foxes that live in the gardens, but they have proved to be something of a nuisance and have killed many trees and there are plans to move the colony elsewhere. Take a picnic and make a day of visiting this beautiful and lush park.